Over the next couple of weeks, you might find yourself looking for somewhere to eat and drink in Gippsland when you can’t do it here at Cannibal Creek.

It’s a tough but necessary decision for a small family-owned business to take some time off.  But sometimes you just have to do it.  We will be back refreshed, and open for business, 7 days a week, from Thursday 16 August.

Until then, we’ve put together this list of some other places to try, mostly nearby, which will more than satisfy.

(Check days and times of opening ahead of time with each venue)

We’ve also put some other food, accommodation and activities on our site over here (scroll down to ‘Visiting Gippsland’).

And for more great wine and food experiences further afield in Gippsland try these links:

Enjoy exploring, and we look forward to seeing you next month!




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