The Best of Local Gippsland Produce

Local produce is at the heart of Cannibal Creek Vineyard, as it is for most of the Gippsland region. We are lucky enough to have access to quality produce. Not only is the quality of these products amazing, but buying local and maintaining a strong relationship with local suppliers ensures that the region continues to grow and thrive. This has proved to be even more important considering recent events. Both the fires in 2019 and COVID pandemic have resulted in hospitality taking a hit.

Gippsland is home to one of the largest growth corridors in Victoria, with the population growing year by year. This, in addition to increased exposure means that there is a higher demand for quality, local produce.

Cannibal Creek is proud to share with you our favourite products that many of you would have sampled at our restaurant our bought at our in-restaurant store. 


Cannibal Creek Bakehouse – In a 100 year old oven, these guys continue to make delicious fresh sourdough daily, in addition to other beautiful baked goods!

Stone’s Throw – The Extra Virgin Olive Oil pairs beautifully with a thick balsamic. Works brilliantly on a light leaf salad or with some fresh bread.

Sticky Stuckey’s honey – From their strong, malty Banksia, to a milder Messmate, Sticky Stuckey’s range is perfect for all manner of sweet tooths! Perfect on some Dutch carrots.


local gippsland produce


Maffra Cheese – You may be familiar with the cloth aged-cheddar or Leicester cheddar from our cheese boards.

Berry’s Creek Cheese – Would highly recommend their Tarwin blue cheese. Goes excellently on a rocket salad with pear and roasted walnuts.

Prom Country CheeseThese are very popular at Cannibal, specifically their sheep cheese products such as their Cheviot Royale!

RoladaA great accompaniment to any cheese; Rolada provides a variety of different fruit and nut combinations, including date and pistachio, or fig and walnut.


Judy’s Jam – Handmade with care, Judy ensures that all her products, from the chilli jam, to the dukkas, have a personal, home-made feel.

St Fiacres Farm – Producer of beautiful relishes, jams, and so much more. St Fiacres is a small farm in Neerim South that promises beautiful products for any occasion.

Blue Tree Honey Farm – These south Gippsland farmers ensure organic honey, harvested from beehives on site.

local gippsland produce


Loch Brewery & Distillery – A small batch brewery and distillery specialising in unique craft beers, as well as spirits. Loch’s vodka and gin always go quick here at Cannibal Creek.

Starward – Matured in red wine barrels, Starwards Two-Fold Double Grain Australian Whiskey is a beautiful example of Australian craftsmanship and ingenuity.                                 

Marionette – These guys come highly recommended by us! Not only are their liqueurs amazing (special mention to the Dry Cassis and Orange Curaçao), but they source all their ingredients locally! Our popular special in-house cocktails are also designed by these guys. Come by and try our Cannibal Creek Spritz that features the Marionette Orange Curaçao!

Wild Dog Winery – With a variety of gins, from lemon myrtle, native liquorice, or classic dry, Wild Dog is a local institution who has been in the game for a long, consistently producing high quality products. In addition, Wild Dog also is known for its wine and olive oil, all made on site.


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