Cannibal Creek Vineyard is our home and our way of life. We planted the vines in 1997 and we still tend the vines by hand today.

I didn’t set out to be a winemaker but its become my life’s work. I’ve always worked with my hands; I was a builder in Western Australia for many years. In retrospect, it was a good background to have. Together, Kirsten and myself have hand built the Cannibal Creek Cellar Door and vineyard that we have today. Obviously winemaking is a very different craft. However, from the very beginning, I was drawn to its artisan nature and the hands-on work that is required.

In more recent years, we have turned our focus to sustainability in our approach to farming. This means that when tackling each problem we come across, we do so with an awareness of all potential consequences for the soils, natural environment, the wine, and us of course!

Patrick Hardiker

I’ve spent my life enjoying fine food and wine! Therefore, one of my main responsibilities is to ensure we create food and wine I would be happy to enjoy. I am also responsible for keeping the business running smoothly. If you have run your own business, you’ll know that’s no small matter!

While we didn’t set out to win awards, reviews on our first Pinot Noir in the year 2000 gave us the added confidence in the vineyard’s potential and untold confidence in ourselves!

Making wine is a bit like capturing a piece of history. Opening a bottle can transport you back to that particular vintage and what defined that particular year, not just what happened on the farm but also life events…. A bit like a wine dairy! Opening a bottle can transport us back to the day it was bought. It’s one of the often-unforeseen pleasures of wine tasting your way around the country. We hope you can get the same please when visiting us!

Kirsten Hardiker