Vintage report 2012

September 2011 – Slow start this year with bud burst patchy and late, I’d estimate approximately 2 weeks behind, this is despite rather mild weather. We had one of the warmest August’s in 30 years…yet such a late start, which does suggest the vines are responding to the previous season being cool and wet, with limited sunshine. This lack of sun on the growing shoots effects the fruitfulness of the buds that are the shoots for the following season, mothernature regulating the crop to suit the different seasons!

Well as its turned out veraison started two weeks earlier than expected, particularly in the pinot noir which is unusual. It was pretty patchy with some bunches well ahead of others. The weather throughout January was summery and February, although cooler, was stable and really ideal ripening weather. We saw the ripening of bunches evenup to be small but beautifully formed grape bunches. In the middle of February we had Baume’s of between 9 and 10 and with this trajectory we were on track to be picking in 4 weeks or so, this would have brought us to the 15th of March. The weather did take a turn for the worse, with rather cool to cold days, very wintery in fact. Despite this we were very close to our predicted start of vintage and we started picking sauvignon blanc on the 13/3/12 and went on with picking the pinot and chardonnay on the 25/3/12. Crops levels were down with under 1 tonne to the acre on average, although low crops are desirable this is really too low! The up side is quality is looking outstanding thus far. The reds are all pressed and safely in barrel, the whites are in tank and barrel- all fermenting away!

Cheers for another vintage complete, number 14 for us, we’re racking them up!

Pat and Kirsten

Vintage rating 8.5/10


Cannibal Creek Vineyard
260 Tynong North Rd
Tynong North Victoria 3813



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