Vintage Report 2010

We had fairly mild and calm weather leading up to vintage 2010. The crop levels were excellent pinot came in at just over two tonne s to the acre and only required a light shoot thinning. There was no need to leaf pluck this season as the ground moisture was modest and the vigor was manageable this combined with a dry February and March resulted in leaf drop coiciding with fruit ripeness.

Picking commenced on the 21/3/10 and went with out note apart from a minor hiccup or two……..due to a very busy lead up to vintage and the availability of labour at the critical time we decided to pick the fruit from underneath the nets, this was the first time and although it does make it difficult having to nergociate hanging nets and long grass it did prove to be a good move because at the end of picking the pinot noir (we had almost picked the entire Pinot block) a spectacular storm struck and the heavens opened up hurtling hail stones the size of golf balls at us! Guess what? They bounced of the nets but absolutely stripped any growth that had managed to poke it nose through them! Breaking the clear plastic roofing sheets and damaged many cars including ours, but the fruit was saved, undamaged! Under the protection of the nets.

The remaining fruit was picked some days later. On the other hand we were flooded, the winery had a river running through it (momentarily) and we were all washed out. The resulting wines look great particularly the Pinot and we look froward to sampling them our selves when they are ready. Every vintage is an adventure full of laughter and tears! This one proved to be just that but a success in the end

Vintage Rating 9/10


Cannibal Creek Vineyard
260 Tynong North Rd
Tynong North Victoria 3813



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