Vintage Report 2011

Vintage Report 2011

Vintage report 2011 Never have we had so much disease pressure in the vineyard as this vintage! It has been absolutely constant, and it’s required relentless attention to detail and scrutiny of our management practices most of all the spray program and canopy...
Vintage Report 2011

Vintage Report 2010

Vintage Report 2010 We had fairly mild and calm weather leading up to vintage 2010. The crop levels were excellent pinot came in at just over two tonne s to the acre and only required a light shoot thinning. There was no need to leaf pluck this season as the ground...
Vintage Report 2011

Vintage Report 2009

Cannibal Creek Vintage Report 2009 2009 saw extreme weather conditions the worst of which was Black Saturday, when Victoria had its worst bushfires possibly ever. We were six km from the Bunyip State Park fires, a very distressing time for everyone. Prior to that day...
Vintage Report 2011

Vintage Report 2008

Cannibal Creek Vintage Report 2007 Vintage this year has been testing to say the least, I will start with the major event on October the 16th2006 but firstly I would like to remind you of the 2006 winter which was the driest year any of us had seen in this district...
Vintage Report 2011

Vintage Report 2006

Vintage Report 2006 We have never seen such an early vintage as this before, all the grapes had been picked and it was still the middle of April, normally we would only have just started. The fruit looked fantastic and all the figures (flavours, acid and sugars) were...
Vintage Report 2011

Vintage Report 2004

Vintage Report 2004 Bumper vintage right across Eastern Australia, Cannibal Creek included with tremendous quality fruit across the board. Flowering was uninterrupted with settled weather conditions, this resulted in great fruit set and followed by a mild and dry...


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