The Vineyard

The vineyard is sited on an area of Devonian Granodiorite (Granite) and Granite clays giving rise to a natural soil profile of grey sandy silt, overlying silty granite clays. The origin of these soils is Quartz. (silt is a granular material somewhere between the size of sand and clay).This granite is quarried in and around Tynong and is the same stone used to build the Shrine of Remembrance in Melbourne.

Granite soils tend to be acidic and it has been shown in these types of soils that the grapes themselves can lack acid. This influences the approach to our viticulture and winemaking and the wines themselves. We believe our granite soils are responsible for the mineral and flinty characters of our wines, both in our reds and whites.

In recent years we have had our soils biology and chemistry done and have identified specific nutrients and microbes which were lacking or low in numbers. To make these adjustments we are applying biodynamic compost teas and a mixture of seaweed and fish emulsion to the soils, this boosts the microbal population and aids in restoring the soils back to optimun health. This also allows the transaction of nutrients between the soil and the vine to work more efficiently. The trace elements required are applied by foliage sprays. The plants are absolutely bristling with life!! This has been a great learning curve for us and our understanding of our soils health and how the vines interact with the soil in the exchange of nutrients and the importance of microbial health has been very much enhanced.

The vineyard has a northerly aspect with rows running north-south. It is positioned on a gentle slope at neither the bottom nor top of the hill. The land Cannibal Creek Vineyard is situated on is in the valley catchment for Cannibal Creek itself and is colloquially known as Tynong Valley, the land has always been considered very good farming country. The geographical attributes of the site coupled with our microclimate and soil types all contribute to create the terroir…all the natural attributes of any particular site. Situated at S 38° ~ E 145° with an elevation of 102m above sea level and fourteen daylight hours during the growing season, makes the site an ideal cool climate vineyard. 

Varieties and clones selected were Pinot Noir MV6, Chardonnay i10V1 and 10 rows mixed of 95 and 96 Dijon, Sauvignon Blanc F14V1, Merlot D3V14 and Cabernet Sauvignon SA125 with a total vineyard area of 5 hectares.


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